Bradley Bears

About Us

As with so many others who have suffered the loss of a baby, our story is one we could never have imagined we would be telling.  After the months of happiness, anticipation and excitement, all was suddenly shattered with the unforgettable words, "We can't find a heartbeat".  The shock and devastation of those words changed our lives forever.  Incomprehensible loss, unbearable sorrow and the unanswered question of WHY?.... all blurred the following days one into another.  Then the reality of planning a funeral and the overwhelming emptiness made it so painfully clear we were only to know our sons soul and he ours.  Bradley Evan Hill's soul left this earth on February 2, 2011.

At the hospital Bradley's grandmother brought a tiny teddy bear and tucked it in our Memory Box.  "Every boy needs a bear" was all she said.  At Bradley's services the minister brought a bear with a very special purpose she said, "to squeeze and to hold your tears and your heart while you mourn".  A friend who had also lost a baby felt badly because Bradley's mom didn't have a teddy bear at the hospital and so Bradley Bears came to be.

A Bradley Bear is given at Banner Thunderbird labor and deliver to each mom who suffers the loss of a baby.  We buy the bears and personalize each one with the poem on our  Home page, a beautiful bow and sew on a very small special heart.  Each mom will have a bear to squeeze, hold their tears as they cry and for awhile, hold their broken heart.

The Bradley Bear Program is done in memory of our son, Bradley Evan Hill.  He is, and will always be in our heart and soul and each Bradley Bear will let each mom know we understand and care.  Each Bradley Bear is made with our tears, our love for our son and a prayer that God will wrap his loving arms around those suffering such a great loss.



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